Tech Tools for Fundraising

Tech Tools for Fundraising

In our fast-paced society, technology is ever-growing and ever-changing. Rather than resisting the change, we have some technology-based tools that can help with your fundraising efforts—resulting in saving you time and making you money!

Support systems are designed to help you stay on track and fundraising can become overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools.

These top 4 technology tools are not only helpful systems and apps, but they make life easier as a fundraiser! (You can thank us later.)

1.Utilize Video Technology: Did you know that building your partnership team via video chat can be just as effective as meeting with someone in person? Distance can no longer be an excuse for not meeting with someone "face to face.” You can schedule a meeting with anyone, from anywhere in the world (some of those meetings will just happen to be virtual). So, the next time you think you can't meet with someone because they're far away—take advantage of technology and schedule that meeting on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts. And, this is not only a useful way to make up for distance, it can make up for time or last-minute changes. We recently had a potential partner ask to cancel a meeting because she had to stay home with her sick child, but instead of canceling, we asked if it would be convenient to meet over video chat after the child went to bed. She thought it was a great idea and it allowed us to connect and not miss out on that precious meeting time!

2.Simple Sam: Simple Sam makes fundraising easy. If you don’t know where to begin in making a funding plan, this is a great place to start. Simple Sam actually creates a funding plan for you, keeps track of your progress and creates a database of your partners and contacts. It’s like having an experienced fundraising professional always at your disposal—and the best part is, it keeps working for you way past being fully-funded.

3.If No Reply: You would be surprised how much time you waste going back through to check whether or not your donors responded to your last email. If No Reply is a system created to take “follow up” off your to-do list. It allows you to set up a sequence of emails, and if the recipient doesn't reply to the first one, If No Reply will automatically send them a second. If they don’t reply to that one, it will send a third. This is a great time-saver because you can use this resource to send emails to all of your donors at once with different templates for different donors and recipients (personalized templates for requesting a meeting or asking for volunteers). If No Reply is also a Gmail plugin, so it sends directly from your Gmail account to the recipient’s inbox—not a promotions tab or spam folder! I have a 90% open rate on my emails when I use this system. It’s a great tool for communicating efficiently, in an authentic way, with a lot of people.

4.Slydial: Do you tend to procrastinate every time you have to make phone calls to your donors? Are you looking for a more efficient way to thank donors in a personal way? Slydial is an app that connects your call directly to your donor’s voicemail allowing you to leave a message in their mailbox. The phone won’t even ring on their end, giving you the opportunity to leave a message for them with the information you were calling about. If you need to thank a lot of people and don’t necessarily have time for a conversation—SlyDial is a great system to use to save time and still leave a personal message for your donor.

Remember, fundraising should be fun. There’s no reason to make it harder on yourself than it needs to be. If you enjoyed these tips, check out more at

Donors not responding? Try this.

Donors not responding? Try this.

When flying internationally, we will often experience something called jet lag. Extreme tiredness or exhaustion is common when crossing back and forth between multiple time zones. You end up feeling disoriented, out of sorts, and time can seem to pass by very slowly.

The same thing can happen in fundraising. We call this: donor lag.

Quite often, when fundraising, you'll meet with people who seem interested in giving to your ministry or cause—but they take forever before getting back with you about their financial decision.

So, you’re stuck, waiting, unsure of how to approach them.

Until now.

We’ve come up with 2 simple steps any fundraiser can use to prevent donor lag from happening to you (or your donors) ever again.

First, make the invitation to partner very clear. When meeting with a friend, family member, or acquaintance, always be clear in your invitation to partner with you. A clear invitation always includes the following:

  • Tie the invitation to partner to the impact your ministry is making.

  • Tell them how their giving is going to make a difference!

  • Ask for a specific amount. Asking for a specific amount from your potential donor might seem pushy, but we have found that over 90% of people prefer to be asked for a specified number. And, in almost all cases, asking for a specific amount is going to generate the most authentic response from your donor. By directly asking, "Would you be willing to partner at this level?" you are clearly stating a financial need that they can respond to with a yes or no answer.

Second, be sure to say thank you and immediately plan the follow-up.

After you make your invitation to partner, they may respond, "Yes, we will join your team, but we need time to think about the amount.”

Thank them for their decision, and then say this: "Would it be alright with you if I text you tomorrow or the next day to see what you've decided? This would help me with my planning purposes, and let my organization know about your decision to partner with us."

This simple response will save you hours of multiple phone calls trying to follow-up with numerous partners, and just like a first-class ticket—you and your donors will be enjoying your new partnership—donor lag free.

Still unsure of how to get your donors to respond? Work with one of our professional fundraising coaches today.

Real Story: Don’t Assume People Aren’t Interested

Real Story: Don’t Assume People Aren’t Interested

Recently, one of our missionary families was preparing to sell their home and all their belongings before leaving the country. A relative came over to borrow their paint sprayer since they had pulled it out of the attic in their preparations to move.

As the relative listened to their story of how God had called them to teach in a school in Czechoslovakia, he seemed intrigued.

Not thinking he’d be interested, the missionaries sent an introductory letter about the ministry to him with a follow-up phone call to see if he would be interested in being a part of their financial partnership team.

He texted them back, almost immediately, and said, “Yes, put me down for $200 per month. And can I keep your paint sprayer while you're gone?”

Of course, they responded with an emphatic, "Yes!”

A few weeks later, they saw that he had posted a picture of their family with the following message on his Facebook page:

"Proud to supportmy cousin and his family as they will soon be heading off to Europe to be part of a team that willteach children of missionaries that are in the field spreading Christianity. They will also have the opportunity to teach non-Christian children in their school. This is a very important mission. Without teachers like my cousin and his wife, many missionaries would not be able to spread the Word of God. This program is a great cause that my wife and I support. I am asking my friends to help by contributing what you can to this tax-deductible organization.”

Stories like these remind us that financial partnership is right within our reach. We just have to share—and ask.

Tying the financial ask to the impact is extremely important because the bottom line of fundraising is all about what we are accomplishing together. When you can learn to share stories of impact in the right way and ask others to be a part of your ministry with you, your partners will become proud supporters of your ministry (and stay proud partners for years to come).

To learn how—connect with us today.