Real Story: Don’t Assume People Aren’t Interested

Real Story: Don’t Assume People Aren’t Interested

Recently, one of our missionary families was preparing to sell their home and all their belongings before leaving the country. A relative came over to borrow their paint sprayer since they had pulled it out of the attic in their preparations to move.

As the relative listened to their story of how God had called them to teach in a school in Czechoslovakia, he seemed intrigued.

Not thinking he’d be interested, the missionaries sent an introductory letter about the ministry to him with a follow-up phone call to see if he would be interested in being a part of their financial partnership team.

He texted them back, almost immediately, and said, “Yes, put me down for $200 per month. And can I keep your paint sprayer while you're gone?”

Of course, they responded with an emphatic, "Yes!”

A few weeks later, they saw that he had posted a picture of their family with the following message on his Facebook page:

"Proud to supportmy cousin and his family as they will soon be heading off to Europe to be part of a team that willteach children of missionaries that are in the field spreading Christianity. They will also have the opportunity to teach non-Christian children in their school. This is a very important mission. Without teachers like my cousin and his wife, many missionaries would not be able to spread the Word of God. This program is a great cause that my wife and I support. I am asking my friends to help by contributing what you can to this tax-deductible organization.”

Stories like these remind us that financial partnership is right within our reach. We just have to share—and ask.

Tying the financial ask to the impact is extremely important because the bottom line of fundraising is all about what we are accomplishing together. When you can learn to share stories of impact in the right way and ask others to be a part of your ministry with you, your partners will become proud supporters of your ministry (and stay proud partners for years to come).

To learn how—connect with us today.

What to Put in Your Newsletter BEFORE Getting to the Field

What to Put in Your Newsletter BEFORE Getting to the Field

Are you tired of reading missionary pre-field newsletters that only have fundraising updates and a long list of places they will be visiting or speaking at next month?

Then stop writing them.

Are you stuck in pre-field limbo, waiting to raise your remaining funds before you can head off to where you’ll be serving?

Then leave pre-field limbo and get yourself out there.

Did you know that you can start ministering right where you are, today (even if you are not fully funded)?

Did you know that you can write exciting newsletters about your ministry before you even get there?

Start by connecting people to your ministry today. If you do it in the right way, they will stay connected to your ministry even after you are fully funded—and continue to give for years to come.

Here are two easy ways to do it…

1. Connect Yourself to Your Area of Impact. If you are waiting in pre-field limbo, then it is likely you already have a team in place or know of people who are doing similar work in a nearby area. Get updates and stories from those people. Begin praying for them.

2. Connect Others to Your Area of Impact. Share stories of impact from the the field you are going to. That’s right! Share other people’s stories. They can be stories of need or stories of impact. Look for articles or statistics that are relevant to your specific area of impact and the kind of work you’ll be a part of. Share them on your social media outlets or add them to your own newsletter as a way to keep people engaged in your impact!

Connecting yourself to your area of impact and keeping your partnering donors connected to the impact should start far before your ministry does. Your impact is the heartbeat of your ministry and the foundation for all that you do. Keep your impact at the center of your ministry by thinking outside the box—and you will be amazed at the generous response you receive!

Many organizations and ministries don’t even know what kind of impact they are making. If you need help discovering your impact (or how to share it)connect with a member of our Tailored Fundraising Coaching Team today!

Is Your Funding Hiding in Plain Sight?

Over the years, while working with organizations, ministries, and individuals raising money for missions-based causes, we have found, most of them generally have the limiting mindset that they need more donors to raise the funding they lack. They assume they are underfunded because they do not know enough (or the right) people.

But most of the time, we discover that they simply aren’t asking the people they already know to give in the right way (or at all).

We have a new client who has been working with us for about a month to raise funds for his ministry in Germany. Four times this month, he received this incredible response after sending an intro letter and making his follow-up call:

"How cool! We have been feeling led by God to give to missions, but we didn't know where to give or how—and now God has sent you to us!”

This man is raising the funding he has always needed from the people he already knew—just because he finally decided to ASK in the right way.

Raising money is all about understanding how to invite other people to solve a problem with you by taking ownership of the cause together. This response proves what we often tell our clients: God is at work in people's hearts. He has your team out there, you just need to do your part to find them and ask them to partner with you.

If you need assistance in fundraising,contact a member of our Tailored Fundraising Team today to get on our coaching list!