If you haven’t read 3 Ways You Might Be Creating Your Own Obstacles to a Fully Funded Ministry, you should read that blog first. It will provide you with the perspective you need to attack the task of writing a potential donor list.

Now that you have the right perspective, and you are open to allowing anyone and everyone to partner with you, remember that partnership is an opportunity for ministry. You have a chance to invite people to change the world for God with you. Your job is to find the people God has prepared for this mission with you, and connect their passion with your passion for impacting this world.

So, here are some places you can start to find names for your potential donor list.

  1. Your phone - scroll through your phone and add everyone to your list. Go ahead and include their contact info, so you don’t have to go back through your phone later.

  2. Your address book, either physical or virtual. Don’t have one? Start one!

  3. Social Media, remembering to use any media on which you have a profile: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn. Who are you friends with? Who is following you? Add them to the list. Unsure how to use social media for fundraising? Here's Four Tips To Begin Using Social Media As A Missionary.

  4. Call your mom, or other family member who is connected to everyone, and ask them for names of family members and family friends that you haven't thought of yet.

  5. Your Church Directory, but remember this one where you need to be sensitive. Some churches may not want you using the directory for fundraising purposes. Be okay with that and use the directory as a great place to get a list of people you are friends with, that you may not have originally considered for financial partnership.

  6. Businesses you patron. Do you have a family dentist or doctor that you’ve seen for years? A mechanic, banker, accountant, lawyer, counselor, insurance agent, grocer? Add them to the list!

  7. Former or current classmates and teachers. High School, College, Grad school, tech school - who are people from that time in your life you can add?

  8. Former or current co-workers.

  9. Former or current teammates, including any sports team, clubs, or groups in which you participated.

  10. Your friends have parents, add them to the list!

  11. Others in your community: neighbors, teachers, coaches, etc.

God can move through anyone - its up to you to listen to Him and share the opportunity with others, inviting them to partner with you.

Jenny Karr, Director of Training and Coaching Services

My mission is to train, equip, and support people in ministry and as the Director of Training and Coaching Services, I get to do all of those things in one role! When I’m not coaching, training, or writing blogs, I’m enjoying time at home or in the city with my husband, daughter, and friends here in Nashville, TN.

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