Emily Buikema, Fundraising Coach

What gets you excited about coaching?

When I was preparing to move overseas, I was warned by a few people about the lack of interest I should expect to see from my financial partners; that one of the crosses to bear in mission work is isolation. My own experience has been just the opposite. I have been deeply loved, supported, and cheered by my own financial partnership team. To have the chance to breathe joy into asking for financial partnership, which can be alarming to so many, makes me honored to fill this role.


What's your #1 tip for gaining new funding partners?

During any one on one meeting, ask people for 3 new contacts. In every church or small group there are networkers who can continue to connect you to others. You should never stop increasing your financial partners because fundraising is never done.


Where can we find you on the weekends?

That’s a great question because I don’t even know yet! Now that I’m living back in my home of Colorado, I intend to hit (almost) every stereotype for the state’s residents: hiking, taking my two perfect dogs on walks by the river, driving my truck to the lake, and doing all of it with people I really like.


Where you have served as a missionary and/or as a fundraiser?

I served in Vientiane, Laos with ELIC as a university teacher for 4 years from 2012-2016. During that time, I raised 100% of my salary, as Laos has no stipends or incentives for foreign workers.