John Mark Perdue, Fundraising Coach

What gets you excited about coaching?  

Being a part of helping people get to places in need of missionaries, wherever God has called them.


What's your #1 tip for gaining new funding partners?

Don't make decisions for people… don't decide who can or who can't, who will or who won't give financially before talking to someone, or before considering them to be a partner on your team.


Tell us about a time when you helped someone overcome a significant barrier to successful fundraising.  

A client who had been living and ministering in the UK for a number of years was unable to see fundraising as ministry in itself. His significant barrier had more to do with his mindset, and a willingness to invite people to partner with him.


Where can we find you on the weekends?

You can usually find me at home, or perhaps the movie theater. If I'm at home, I'm probably watching some sporting event.


Where you have served as a missionary and as a fundraiser?

My wife and I served as campus ministers at the U. of Northern Colorado for over 20 years, raising support since 1977. We have also served in China with ELIC for about 7 years.