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5 Tips for Your Fundraising Event_Blog.jpg

A Tested Approach


A Tested Approach

We’ve partnered with individuals, teams, and entire organizations, taking the same approach that allows us to build a strategic funding plan and craft powerful stories that compel funding partners to invest in your work for the long term.  In each phase, we’ll start by asking the following:



What realities are you facing that can strengthen or hinder your efforts?

What do we know about your current situation and your donors?

What are your hopes and dreams for your work?

What does success look like in your ministry?  And in your fundraising?


What motivates your fundraising?

How are your efforts grounded in Biblical truth?

What does Jesus say about engaging with financial partners?


What’s your “why?” and are you communicating it?

How do you tell the stories that resonate with your audiences?

Is your vision, your work, and your ask clear?

How can you create an experience for your donor based on your story?


What does a plan look like on paper?

Who are your potential funding partners?

What are the key elements to your plan?

Who is keeping you accountable?


What’s your greatest barrier to actively sharing your story and engaging funding partners?


What strengths can you play up?  

What weaknesses can you overcome, and bad habits can you work through?

How are you tracking your progress?