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Is Your Funding Hiding in Plain Sight?

Is Your Funding Hiding in Plain Sight?

Over the years, while working with organizations, ministries, and individuals raising money for missions-based causes, we have found, most of them generally have the limiting mindset that they need more donors to raise the funding they lack. They assume they are underfunded because they do not know enough (or the right) people.

But most of the time, we discover that they simply aren’t asking the people they already know to give in the right way (or at all).

We have a new client who has been working with us for about a month to raise funds for his ministry in Germany. Four times this month, he received this incredible response after sending an intro letter and making his follow-up call:

"How cool! We have been feeling led by God to give to missions, but we didn't know where to give or how—and now God has sent you to us!”

This man is raising the funding he has always needed from the people he already knew—just because he finally decided to ASK in the right way.

Raising money is all about understanding how to invite other people to solve a problem with you by taking ownership of the cause together. This response proves what we often tell our clients: God is at work in people's hearts. He has your team out there, you just need to do your part to find them and ask them to partner with you.

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3 Keys to the Best Ask

3 Keys to the Best Ask

The most important element to getting the fundraising you need is this: Ask others to partner with you.

This may seem like common knowledge (and even common sense), but you’d be surprised how much funding is missed out on simply because fundraisers are too afraid to ask.

Why? Because we’re afraid of being told, “No.”

But what if you knew the secret to getting a “Yes” every time you asked for funding? You would never be afraid to ask for money again! At Tailored, we believe that if you can learn how to ask in the right way, your potential donors will respond with a “Yes” nearly every time you ask.

Before your next call or appointment, apply these 3 simple principles to your strategy and just watch how the dynamic will change.

1. Tie your Ask to your Impact

The impact your ministry makes is the foundation for all you do. It’s the reason your donors want to partner with you, it’s the focus of your ministry, and it is the very reason you have committed your life to this cause. Therefore, clearly communicating the impact of your ministry is the most valuable asset you have. Many people lose donors when they tie the ask to something other than the cause, like themselves or the organization.

2. Communicate How the Donor Fits into the Plan

You need to clearly communicate how each donor fits into the long-term plan of your ministry or cause. Oftentimes, the fundraising goal can be so large that donors feel as though they can’t make a difference. It’s your job to communicate otherwise. Their gift to the ministry is important—no matter how big or how small. The bottom line of fundraising is all about what you and your donor are accomplishing together.

3. Ask a Clear Question

When we fail to make a clear, coherent ask, we often set ourselves (and our donors) up for failure. Unclear and awkward asks include cornering your donor, creating an uncomfortable space, telling them what to do, or leaving the conversation without making an ask at all. If your potential partner is not able to respond to your ask with a clear “yes” or “no” answer, then it is not a clear question.


The whole fourth chapter of our e-book, How to Get a Generous Response (almost) Every Time You Ask discusses exactly how asking donors for funding in the right way results in a generous response nearly every time. Click above to read more!

Getting Comfortable with Your Ask

Getting Comfortable with Your Ask

If asking a potential donor for money feels awkward or uncomfortable in any way to you, then you might be doing it all wrong. (The good news is, most people feel this way, and we know how to help.)

I’m almost certain you already have the resources and connections that you need to increase your funding. Now, you just need to learn how to ask.

Raising money is all about understanding how to invite other people to solve a problem with you by helping them take ownership of the cause.

Asking for funding is all about helping donors understand how their giving makes a difference. When they make a donation, we want them to clearly know what we are accomplishing together.

After working with one of our clients on follow-up commitment scripts, they wrote our Tailored Coaching Team saying, “I realized, signing them [the donor] up not only helped me, it also helps them to do what they want to do!”

God could be calling you to step outside of your comfort zone, AND He could be calling your financial potential partners to step outside of theirs! This is where we really get to see God at work in our lives and in the lives of our partners.

So, before you make your next call or have your next appointment….

1. Pray about your motives and the generous amounts you should ask for.

2. Ask the Spirit to be present and to guide you.

3. Listen to God and obey His voice.

Asking for a generous response is about inviting someone else to experience the blessings of investing in God’s Kingdom. Oftentimes, you lose potential donors, simply because you don’t ask.


 “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.”  ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:7-8‬ ‭NLT‬‬


To read more about The Anatomy of An Effective Ask, download your copy of ourHow to Get a Generous Response (almost) Every Time You Ask.